Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nel's Fall

Little by litte Nel is learning to go to the toilet to pee or to poo. I'm glad that she's getting the trick. She usually can manage herself when she's in the toilet--come to think of it that we don't have any adapter for the seat!

However, yesterday was a different thing.

"Tatay, I'm going to pee," Nel told me. I said OK just be careful. She usually hold on to the door for support and do her thing.

She went out and I thought of inspecting the toilet whether she peed or pooed--she refers to them as "eh eh" instead of "meme" for pee or "eh eh" for poo.

She then blurted, "Tatay, ako hulog." I asked her where she fell and inspected her shirt, she was wet from waist to her breast--she fell on the toilet. The amazing thing is she was able to go out and did not cry for help. Buti na lang bago linis ang toilet!

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