Friday, February 2, 2007

Photo challenge

Our vacation in Singapore was full of challenges. One of the challenges was to know where to go. While we prepared by consulting the Visit Singapore Website and planned our itinerary via its travel planner, it's simply tasking when you're actually touring the city-state.

Taking a photo was also one of the many tasks that became challenging for us. As you can see in the above photo--the concept was Abbey Road! While it's not Abbey Road literally but the bridge was so nice for a photo opt. But the kids! I think they enjoyed so much being a tourist and was so tired to hold a pose for 10 seconds. Nira is not actually dancing the otso-otso dance and yes Dei gave in to the antics of our children!

It was like that during the tour--self portraits, sometimes I'll take the photos among other ways of creatively documenting our family holiday. It was hilarious everytime, we really enjoyed our holiday!

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