Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of Perth and Delays

After months became weeks, weeks became days and days became hours, the time came for our travel to Perth. We flew via Brunei Air, which was the cheapest flight to Perth from Bangkok.

We maximized every opportunity that was given to us for this travel. We tried to say goodbye to most of our friends in Bangkok, chasing time and cherising every moment with them. We even maximized our baggage allotment--125 kilos in checked in baggage (we actually had 127.7 kilos after finally weighing it in at the airport) and more than 35 kilos in hand-carried luggages.

We left Thailand and arrived Brunei on time. However, the plane that would take us to Perth had to be delayed for further maintenance check in Kulala Lumpur. We were told that it will be delayed for five hours.

Nique, Nira and Nel (as seasoned travelers as they are) tried their best to maximize and enjoy Brunei International Airport--for a child, the airport was a bore, not too much to see although Nel had an interesting chase to observe how the cleaners brush the corrals in an aquarium. :)

I failed to get a wi-fi signal at the airport that I had to go to the Internet cafe to inform Elaine of our delay. Time passed by, we were then instructed to go for our final security check only to be told that the flight will be delayed for another hour--most of the passengers who originally flew from Europe gave the loudest howl of protest.

As if giving in to their request, less than 5 minutes we were instructed to board the plane but it was only able to taxi to the runway after almost 30 minutes.

We are excited and a bit anxious of what will be our life in Perth but we look forward to enjoying it. We've heard so many good things about the city and the people and we look forward that this will be better than Newcastle or Sydney.

We arrived in Perth at around 12 midnight and finished disembarkation procedures at around 1am. It was raining hard and I hardly left the airport when my hands became numb--it was freezing cold!

Anyway, the following day, we're up off to the Uni to formalize my enrollment, meet my supervisors and familiarize ourselves with my new University.

It was nice, with almost similar landscapes as with the University of Newcastle.

Next assignment after finishing Uni matters will be finding a house, a school for Nique, Nira and Nel, and buying a car. :)
Cheers 'mate!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Last post from home

Today is the last day we blog from our home here in Thailand. On Monday, we'll be off first to Brunei then to Australia.

We're a certified nomadic family, moving from one city to another, one province to another then one country to another. Not that we've moved to so many countries, well, the chronology is we started in the Philippines (of course), then lived for a year in Australia, then back to the Philippines, then off to Thailand and now we're coming back to Australia.

It's been a long journey but we've enjoyed it. Although from moving from one place to another, we do still have to master packing things or should I say Dei should master it (she's the one leading or usually doing the packing of our stuff).

As of this writing, we've packed and repacked our stuff for about four times now. Hopefully, by the time we need to go on Monday morning, we don't need to re-pack again-:(

Well, that's all for now, we'll try to do liveblogging if there'll be free wi-fi connections at Suvarnabhumi (well, I know there is). To those who just passed by to read our story here, thank you.

We look forward to your visit again as we blog about our new chapter in Perth, Australia. Cheers!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Nique turn 6

Our little girl turns 6A few weeks ago, Nique requested that she celebrates her birthday at the same venue as her friend's birthday celebration venue. The venue was at the Train Park (Suan Rotfai) near Chatuchak Park. We were a bit apprehensive as it was always raining every afternoon in Bangkok.

Anyway, the Filipino attitude of "whatever" (Bahala na, Que cera, cera) ruled that we just gambled to hold the celebration there. July 22 came, to God be the glory, the Sunday morning was one of the best Sundays we ever had since the rainy season started.

We started a little bit that day as we had a late night shopping for other stuff needed for the party. This resulted to us coming also a bit late to the park. There were a few guests already waiting at the venue.

We waited for a while for the other guests to come and when it was time to celebrate, the guests numbered at around 50-60!

Pastor Badua (in white shirt in the photo above) led the prayer for the blessing of the food. He then led everyone to sing Nique a happy birthday. Nique was indeed very happy as all of her friends and their parents were present even the whole Bangkok Baptist Church and some missionaries were also present to join the celebration.

The gathering was also a sort of despedida party for us as we near the date of our departure for Perth. Among the food line up included pancit canton, spaghetti, pop corn, cake, roasted chicken, hotdog and marshmallow on stick and some drinks.

As the celebration moved on, there was some drizzle that for a while I thought we'll be crammed inside the shelter in the park. Thank God the good weather persisted.

The good weather, however, enticed some of Nique's friend to take advantage of it as they rented bicycles and biked around the park. So, we had a bit of a hard time calling them for the prepared games.

When they got to prepare for the games, we were indeed happy that the kids enjoyed every game prepared for them from the Echo game to the breaking the pot to the relay games. Everybody had a blast!

Dei and I are very happy with the outcome of Nique's party as we never expected everybody to be present and we do appreciate everyone's contribution to make this event successful.

We will be leaving Bangkok but definitely with that great desire to return not only for the good shopping venues and great places! but for the good friends that we are leaving behind. Truly, we saw the some of the best Filipino families that became truly our family friends. :)

God bless all of you.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chasing time

Less than two weeks before we head to Perth, we are racing against time to catch up with Bangkok--savor the food, the air, the warmth of people we meet everywhere. We will definitely miss our favorite places here from Banglumpoo (where the famous Khao San Road is) to the clean and savvy Loft Restaurant at Central Chidlom in Sukhumvit.

Thailand has indeed been our second home and given the chance (well, I do hope everybody speaks English!) to live here, it will be a unanimous decision in the family.

We know God has greater plans ahead and we will definitely be coming back to this place sooner or later. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going away blues

Call it going away anxieties but we are feeling the pinch of it. Just as it is about less than two weeks before our trip, we are feeling the stress of leaving our second home, Thailand, and preparing for another home, i.e., Perth.

These past few days, the kids and I are grumpy, well we are all grumpy. I'm a bit stressed at the reports that I have to finish at the office. Dei's in a lot of stress packing our stuff and preparing for Nique's party. The kids are also in a lot of stress, I suppose, how to move around and just get into the mood of getting excited (I just can't describe how hyperactive they are these days that even the magic word please don't work anymore).

We also messed up our budget for this our last month of stay here that we are slightly touching our savings for our living allowance in Australia. I receive my scheduled allowance only after the filing of the formal reimbursement requirements.

Well, that's a quick update about what's happening but I can say we're still intact and trying to enjoy Bangkok and our friends here (and of course each other). In fact, there's so many lunches and dinners in line that we are literally running out of time to accommodate every invitation.

Enough said, need to rest, which we tried to do albeit at the office. :)

Praise God for His goodness!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


As months become weeks, it is really apparent that our trip Down Under is almost around the corner. However, just as with other exciting development in your life there are little hang-ups sometimes.

Nique recently caught some eye infection last week then Nira recently developed a little fever. As always Nel is the strongest among our kids as she fights off any sickness despite her seemingly puny body.

Nique and Nira are recovering. Maybe just some excitement about their trip to Australia--they just finished packing one box of their stuff. :-)

See the countdown to our trip to Perth here.