Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going away blues

Call it going away anxieties but we are feeling the pinch of it. Just as it is about less than two weeks before our trip, we are feeling the stress of leaving our second home, Thailand, and preparing for another home, i.e., Perth.

These past few days, the kids and I are grumpy, well we are all grumpy. I'm a bit stressed at the reports that I have to finish at the office. Dei's in a lot of stress packing our stuff and preparing for Nique's party. The kids are also in a lot of stress, I suppose, how to move around and just get into the mood of getting excited (I just can't describe how hyperactive they are these days that even the magic word please don't work anymore).

We also messed up our budget for this our last month of stay here that we are slightly touching our savings for our living allowance in Australia. I receive my scheduled allowance only after the filing of the formal reimbursement requirements.

Well, that's a quick update about what's happening but I can say we're still intact and trying to enjoy Bangkok and our friends here (and of course each other). In fact, there's so many lunches and dinners in line that we are literally running out of time to accommodate every invitation.

Enough said, need to rest, which we tried to do albeit at the office. :)

Praise God for His goodness!

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