Sunday, October 7, 2007


Finally after six weeks of searching, we've finally secured a house to rent albeit not from a real estate agent but direct from the owner. God is good! We moved our stuff to our new house at Hamilton Hill last October 6.

God is indeed good. You see, real estate agents here have been dictating to us how we should live, i.e., for a family with three children you should have a three bedroom house. We did apply for a house as big as that even though we've been living in a studio or one bedroom house for the last six years but still our application had been rejected again and again.

Not that I'm being personal but there seems to be a trend that these agents have a preference for tenancy applicants without children. While I realize that Perth receives an average of 125 emigrating people each day, the glaring trend was simply irrestably obvious.

Anyway, enough with the ranting and back to praising . Ironically, just when I became a student, God has provided us everything that we need--a car and a comfortable home. The house is four bedroom! and reasonably priced.

We've been also blessed by brethren-in-Christ and friends here in Perth. Two friend gave us three single bed and matresses--one for each of my daughter. Some gave electric fans, pots, plates and all the necessary things to start a comfortable living.

Our Muslim friends, the families of Siti and Maswati, helped us in moving our stuff. Maswati's husband, Niza, was also kind enough to drive their family car and attach a trailer to move all the stuff.

We still have to fill the house with other furnitures but at least we have the rest of the year to do that. Thanks to everybody who contributed one way or another to securing our house. By the way, on a not so bright note on the day we moved--there was a police car chase that ended up right in front of our house! (a case of drunk driving) The suspect and the police were both calm and the apprehension went peacefully without further incident.

God is good and I know the "welcome salvo" is still a sign of good things ahead! God is great, to God be the glory!