Monday, July 23, 2007

Nique turn 6

Our little girl turns 6A few weeks ago, Nique requested that she celebrates her birthday at the same venue as her friend's birthday celebration venue. The venue was at the Train Park (Suan Rotfai) near Chatuchak Park. We were a bit apprehensive as it was always raining every afternoon in Bangkok.

Anyway, the Filipino attitude of "whatever" (Bahala na, Que cera, cera) ruled that we just gambled to hold the celebration there. July 22 came, to God be the glory, the Sunday morning was one of the best Sundays we ever had since the rainy season started.

We started a little bit that day as we had a late night shopping for other stuff needed for the party. This resulted to us coming also a bit late to the park. There were a few guests already waiting at the venue.

We waited for a while for the other guests to come and when it was time to celebrate, the guests numbered at around 50-60!

Pastor Badua (in white shirt in the photo above) led the prayer for the blessing of the food. He then led everyone to sing Nique a happy birthday. Nique was indeed very happy as all of her friends and their parents were present even the whole Bangkok Baptist Church and some missionaries were also present to join the celebration.

The gathering was also a sort of despedida party for us as we near the date of our departure for Perth. Among the food line up included pancit canton, spaghetti, pop corn, cake, roasted chicken, hotdog and marshmallow on stick and some drinks.

As the celebration moved on, there was some drizzle that for a while I thought we'll be crammed inside the shelter in the park. Thank God the good weather persisted.

The good weather, however, enticed some of Nique's friend to take advantage of it as they rented bicycles and biked around the park. So, we had a bit of a hard time calling them for the prepared games.

When they got to prepare for the games, we were indeed happy that the kids enjoyed every game prepared for them from the Echo game to the breaking the pot to the relay games. Everybody had a blast!

Dei and I are very happy with the outcome of Nique's party as we never expected everybody to be present and we do appreciate everyone's contribution to make this event successful.

We will be leaving Bangkok but definitely with that great desire to return not only for the good shopping venues and great places! but for the good friends that we are leaving behind. Truly, we saw the some of the best Filipino families that became truly our family friends. :)

God bless all of you.

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