Friday, February 2, 2007

6 years

Yes, we just celebrated our 6 years of marriage!

I was able to blog about this special day on my personal blogsite. Our wedding ceremony might count as one of the funniest if not dramatic!

It was Tuesday, January 30, 2001. The weather was perfect. "Good that we chose an early morning wedding!" I said to myself. Earlier, however, I was in front of the house of my bride worrying about the apparent tardiness of the beautician. I asked my aunt to take the place of the make-up artist. Apparently, the beautician came and the cameraman/videographer don't want to compromise their commitment that they proceeded with their usual procedure, which took a while!

The wedding march proceeded even in the absence of the bride. Yes, I marched to the altar alone. However, when the mass finished, Dei came running towards the altar. I pity her for not getting her time even some colleagues were crying out of pity of us due to what happened. Whatever--we were wed finally. And I thanked the priest, eventhough he was close to shouting invectives when he realized that the bride was late (well, he has some points but he's still a priest, albeit pathetic).

The videographer just remade the march, quickly though, as the next wedding was about to start. The remake lasted for five minutes and then we were off to the reception. My soon to be kumpare, Kenneth (who was a DJ at Mellow Touch then) and kumare, Elaine (my memory failed me! and forgot to include her when I first posted this), hosted the reception with Kitchie as our wedding singer.

Everything went smooth after that--and yes six years and three kids after. :D

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