Wednesday, February 7, 2007

School routine

A few days ago, I realized that the school term is about to end. Just a month to go and Nique will finish Grade One here in Thailand (Congrats Ate Nique in advance).

I can’t imagine how I can manage weekdays. I mean, I did not have any hard time of waking my schoolgirl up.

My time with Nique starts from 8 in the morning. So, 8am the siren of the house starts! Nique loves to go to school but sometimes she moves slow so I kept on telling her di ka na papasok (You're not going to school) That would definitely put her up and move as fast as Flash, from preparing for school to eating.

Then after one moment of rush, here she goes again, as slow as a turtle. Then I would repeat again and again the magic lines until she finishes dressing up and ready for school.

It's a good thing that we have the school principal for a neighbor. Nique usually tags along with him, along with his daughter who's a classmate of Nique, to go to school. It was convenient for me as I'm having a hard time bringing Nique to school--imagine preparing three lovely girls to school (while my the other two have yet to go to school--there's only me to look after my jewels).

I'm proud with the set-up anyway as Nique is learning to be independent at an early age.

Come 11pm, I'm starting to rush to school together with Nira and Nel and bring lunch for Nique.

I usually teach my second daughter, Nira, to read and write or teach my youngest, Nel, to sing (well, trying to teach her how to, but I think she knows how to better than me!) while waiting for Nique to be dismissed.

It's not an easy task but I get to enjoy it when I see my daughters develop everyday. Seeing them develop their wings to fly and strengthen their roots make me confident that they are ready for the real world--with God leading them.

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