Monday, March 12, 2007

Waiting Game

Dei is greatly affected in this waiting game

It's been five weeks since we lodged our visa application at the Australian Visa Application Centre here in Thailand. The suspense is definitely killing us. As you know there are so many possibilities (well, only two actually--favorable or unfavorable) and one can never be complacent. We have submitted supporting documents that can, to our knowledge, prove that we can live as a family down under.

Dei and I has been particularly emotionally stressed just waiting for the results. As much as I wanted to relax, I can't help but be jittery at times while I try to hang on to my faith and trust that the Lord will make a way.

I called the Embassy this afternoon and they said that since I'm a foreigner applying in Thailand for an Australian Visa, they referred my case to Australian Embassy in the Philippines. Now, I wondered if it would have had made any difference if I have lodged our visa application there (Our Kumareng Elaine was insisting that we should have had lodged it in the Philippines--but given our location, follow-up would be impractical, if not cumbersome).

So, I guess that settles it, another waiting game for maybe another month (or two??? huwag naman po sana). One can never be complacent, yes, we're still putting our trust in the Lord. I believe that this is God's will for us, especially for our kids. My kids are looking forward to spending spring down under and I just pray that their prayers are granted.

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Jeanette Sio said...

hi jim.
i happened to be ayie's officem8 here at pcierd-dost. she mentioned to me re your application to australia. i am so happy for you coz yours has a tinge of approval. I am delighted by your prayerful life.
i have also lodged my application last Feb. 2 under visa subclass 136 (GSM). the latest update i got from DIMA was that there was still no case officer assigned to me. i just thought that my application would be given priority since my profession is in the MODL (chemical engineer). it will be on its 12th week this friday.... haaaayyyy....