Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nique's Recital

We bought a keyboard for Nique last March 13 in preparation for her piano recital. It was also our graduation gift to her for her promotion from prep to Grade 1 last December.

Nique's keyboard
Yesterday, her school held its graduation ceremony and we are definitely proud of her early accomplishments. Her sisters, Nira and Nel are surely proud of her (well, Nel might have no idea but she sure enjoys the company of her Ate Nique's and Ate Nira's friends, who some are also her friends.

Nique was the youngest of the ABC graduates.

Today, after weeks of practicing Row, Row Your Boat, Nique performed her piano recital in front of a crowd. She was the first to perform and while there were some slip-ups compared to her almost perfect rehearsals, she made us proud as she carried herself well. We are very thankful that God is continually guiding her in her studies and instilling in her the confidence that she needs.

Here's the video of her performance.

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