Thursday, April 19, 2007

Waiting Game Part II

Ten weeks after filing our visa application with the Australian Embassy, the waiting game for the result of our pre-visa assesment is finally over. And it's a favorable one!

We thank God for getting us through this critical stage of our visa application. The long wait has been an emotionally roller coaster for us and at times there were annoying episodes as the case officer requested for documents that were already submitted. Actually, they wanted a summary. I guess they were too lazy to look at the legal documents and would want a one page executive summary of the numerous evidence of support for my study, which I did. Enough with the ranting.

Dei and I have seen in the past weeks, although not regularly, that our kids are taking the time to remind us to include in our prayers the guiding of our visa application. They were the ones who are very excited for this trip. I'm quite excited for them, too. But for now, we're past the critical stage of the application, waiting game again as we undergo medical examination and a number of payments, payments, payments for this and that. :)

The Australian Embassy actually cautioned us not to race to make hasty actions as no decision has been taken yet on our visa application. So, it's still wait, wait, wait for now but I know my kids (and we) will never ever grow weary praying, praying and praying.

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