Thursday, January 4, 2007

We escaped mishap in Thailand

In case you didn't know, Thailand recently had a violent crisis. It experienced series of bombings last December 31, 2006 as it prepared to welcome the new year. Jim already blogged about our close call experience but for the benefit of this site, I'm going to mention some details.

On that day we were with a family friend along with my brother-in-law and his friend. We had a great time celebrating the coming new year especially our daughter Nira. Well, that afternoon, close to the time that the bombs were about to go off, Jim suggested that we take a bus going home. As we are carrying some take homes, we took the cab instead.

The bus ride would have entailed passing through Saphan Kwai then we'll get off Victory Monument. We needed to go home that night as we are preparing to go to church for a new year's welcome service of prayer, praise and worship. The church's location is near Sukhumvit Soi 63. We also urged my brother-in-law to go to the countdown celebrations at Central World.

Jim's colleague, who's a Thai national, called him to inform us of what's on the news and asked us to cancel all planned outing. We cancelled our plans for the night and immediately called other Filipino friends who might be going out that night including the family friend that we just visited earlier. We also phoned the Philippines to inform relatives in advance, before they get the news, and assure them that we are safe.

The personnel officer of Jim's organization sent an SMS message informing the incidence and warning against going out in public gatherings. The UN security also sent the same message and regularly sent updates.

As details become clear, 6 bombs went off during the first wave of bomb attacks. The sites included Saphan Kwai, Victory Monument and Sukhumvit Soi 62. A second wave of bombings occured right after midnight--one of three bombs was in Central World.

It was clear that God's hand moved in an amazing way that we didn't get a bus to go home nor went a bit early to church. The places we planned to go were the very place or were near the bombing sites. We do not consider it coincidence or luck but one thing we are certain is that the hand of God moved to protect His children--we still have a mission!

Jim was grateful about God's work that he blogged about it and emailed friends to inform them about what happened and assure that we are safe. We were overwhelmed with the response of support both on email and comments on Jim's blog.

God is great! God is faithful!

Despite all things, this will be a blessed, happy new year. This was taken in front of Central World during Christmas. A week later the other side of the road almost parallel to this location will be bombed.Despite all things, this will be a blessed, happy new year. Photo above was taken in front of Central World during Christmas. A week later the other side of the road almost parallel to where we stood in this photo was bombed.

As to the victims of this senseless violence, our prayers are with them.

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Charm said...

Praise God!!! For God is really faithful to each and everyone who believe in HIS power! As we obey HE WILL MAKE A WAY!!! I know that the good Lord is always watching us, guiding us and PROTECTING us! Take care ALWAYS!