Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nel's transformation

Nel's first year was spent with her "Mama" Loi (my Aunt) as various reasons prevented her from coming with us to Australia. When we came home and got Nel, she was very quiet would hardly smile.
Nel when we arrived in 2005 It did not come as a surprise to me as I know she "inherited" her "Mama's" traits. My Tita Loi is a very kind, quiet lady--yes she hardly say a word. So, when we got her, though she's almost 1, she has yet to learn a clear audible and sensible word (comparing to her sisters, who started communicating as early as 11months!), but we waited.

Nel, originally uploaded by jimboombastic.

When she turned 2, it was as if she changed overnight! She was babbling words we've never heard before (not baby talk anymore), she was very active playing with her sisters--even initiates fights! She lost the inhibitions that she got used to and we're glad that she's expressing herself more.

This photo was taken during our Singapore vacation, she was leading her sisters to sing. And boy! they all got some talents! Nel, actually is a good dancer, not sure yet with her singing, though. :D

She's turning 3 come April 12 and yes, she's growing and learning fast!

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