Saturday, June 9, 2007

Shopping Galore

This early, we are already preparing our stuff for Australia. It pays that we've been there before, so we quite have an idea what to bring.

Clothes are especially expensive there that we've invested some money for clothes especially winter clothes. We are arriving in August when winter is just winding down. For Asian people or maybe just us, winter could be very punishing (but I think not for our kids who, I remember, perspires a lot even in 10 degree celcius temperature). I usually suffer from dry skin during winter that I have to put on lotion right after taking a bath otherwise my skin cracks up and become very itchy, then my lips will follow and my legs...

Anyway, today we almost completed shopping the winter clothes of our children. I've written--almost--as you know Nel's in the Philippines but in two weeks time, she's joining us again!

Nique and Nira enjoyed shopping today at Pratunam, where we hunted for winter clothes. Clothes here are a bargain and they usually give it to you at wholesale price, well, according to them. Wholesale to them is when you buy three or more--even if it is 200 pieces they would still give you the price as they will give to a customer who's just buying three pieces of clothes.

After almost a day of searching, we're glad that we were able to secure the clothing needs of Nique and Nira--and they sure enjoyed shopping. Dei plans to buy Nel's winter clothes in the Philippines as it is quite hard to find a size for her here.

Here's a winter dress rehearsal from the sisters.

Perth, here we come!

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