Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cha-am Weekend Outing

Two of my colleagues are retiring in a few weeks. So, some of us organized a fitting despidida for the two. We went to Cha-am last weekend and it was a good weekend outing for all of us especially my family.

On the way to the Resort and Golf Club, we made a short stop for lunch at a nearby beach. The kids definitely enjoyed it. It was raining during last few days but this weekend was definitely fair. The breeze was also a welcome treat. :)

Enjoying the horizon.

At the hotel, we warmed-up with a short family workshop. The organizers had a mosaic workshop for the families. So, we joined and here's the product of our race against time.

At the program proper, our kids did a song and a dance number. Here's a short clip of the dance number.

After singing the night away, we finished almost midnight. The following morning, we hit the pool as soon as we woke up. It was also the last day of the outing and we'll be riding out to Bangkok later that day.

Nel was so cold that she's shaking so we resigned after about an hour and a half--just in time for the arrival of the van. On our way to Bangkok, we shopped at Factory Outlet. They have a good line of signature product stores and amazingly cheap! So, we did not waste time and shopped a few winter clothes. :)

The kids definitely enjoyed the weekend outing and we finished it by eating our favorite stewed beef at a nearby restaurant at the office.

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