Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas 2006

It was one of our best Christmas--our second Christmas in the Kingdom of Thailand. We were three hours far by plane from the Philippines but thank God for fellow Filipinos here in Thailand, we were never away from home.

Usually, we do celebrate "noche buena" (good night in Spanish) or the traditional dinner during Christmas eve. (For our part we usually take dinner, well aside from the regular dinner, around an hour before midnight or before it is officially Christmas!). For the past five years that Lorie and Jim were married, they celebrate it religiously, thanking God for His Son, and all the blessing of this past year.

This year, however, was different. We celebrated it with friends. We still stick to our old tradition of praying and thanking God but with the guests, it was a time to remember good times. The Millo Family and Nique's Teacher, Mr. Melvin Martinez and his cousin were kind enough to be our guests.

The kids definitely enjoy the company of Danny and Liza's children while we enjoyed the chatting and watching Monster House! (well, the kids were watching it first and we ended up watching it when they started playing.

It was a very good Christmas, indeed! Praise the Lord!

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